Each product is hand made by Vietnamese craftsmen. With these ancient crafts, bibol combines paints and varnishes clean and foodsafe, without solvent neither volatile organic component, environmentally friendly and compliant with REACH.

It is better for those who use our products, and a lot better for the craftsmen who make them.

After harvest, bamboo remains few weeks in current water to clear up its cellulose and become rot-proof. Then, it is dried, cracked in strip and finally balled up in a plank that has the diameter of the object to realize.cut the bamboo

Once the disk formed, we up it on a pattern and then it is adjusted with a to make a bamboo bowls

The bottom is highly sunk. By drawing aside all the stripes, , it is used as a keystone which gathers them all. Before being planed, the bamboo bowl is soaked in a natural resin of cashew tree.keystone of the bamboo salad bowl

Completions represent the major part of work. In total, there are 12 layers and very long time drying to get such a brilliance. Between every layer, products are sanded by hand and under water in order to become perfectly smooth.bamboo bowls lacquered

Eggshell is encrusted by hand, blanks are filled and the whole thing is sanded again.Eggshell is encrusted by hand